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Bellingham SEO has built more than 200 websites over the past 12 years!  Some works of art.  Some purely functional.  All depending on the need of the client.  We’ve built for non-profit and for profit businesses.  Professionals and hobbyists.  All to their needs and specifications.

We work with you to understand your needs for your business and design it to your tastes.  Although we no longer build sites from scratch using a WYSIWYG (fancy term for “what you see is what you get”) we use the WordPress platform and builder platforms which can accommodate 99% of the demands of the job.  (Over 75,000,000 websites use the WordPress platform – more than likely several of your favorite sites use it, too!)

Rather than using GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly, etc. web building services, we use hosting services to create your site on which give you full control over AND tend to rank better in the search engines for SEO campaigns.  Another benefit is you will typically save $100’s a year on the aforementioned platforms.  (We’re always looking for ways to save our friends money!)

If you are need of a website designer and developer, Bellingham SEO is willing and capable of building your site from scratch, or giving your site a facelift to better reflect you!  We’re looking forward to hearing from you today!

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