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You provide a great product or service and have a beautiful website.  But it means nothing if no one can find you!  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is both the art and science of getting businesses found online.

At Bellingham SEO, we use Industry Standard Best Practices to help you climb the rankings in the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) with targeted campaigns.  Other agencies may use outdated techniques which not only are not effective, they hurt their clients.  We use proven techniques which have stood the test of time, and are always testing new and affective strategies to help our clients dominate online.

We start off by assessing the online competition and any SEO work that may have been done on your website, if any; and then design and implement elements which are critical for your success which include:

  • URL structure
  • Title, H tags, and other Meta data
  • Onsite linking structure
  • Sufficient content
  • Etc.

Once the above is completed we will start our very important off-site campaign strategy which brings trust and relevance to your site with the search engines.  This will help catapult you to the top and get the phones ringing!

We have been consistently achieving success online from super competitive niches to small “Mom and Pop” businesses.  Whatever your needs, we will help you reach your ideal client and tailor a strategy which works best for YOU!

We look forward to talking with you soon to discuss how Bellingham SEO can help you achieve more success online!

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