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  • We have worked with David at Bellingham SEO for a year and a half now. David came up with a plan of how he could best help us. He took our existing website and revamped it for optimized results. Also he touched basis with us regularly on our rankings and keywords. He would send a monthly report showing each months results so we could see all the progress! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing this service.

    Crystal VanderYacht Northwest Dental
  • David and Bellingham SEO helped us incredibly! We hired another agency to change our website to comply with industry regulations, and when the website was finished, our web presence went from high up on the first page of Google to the 5th page! And the other agency told us what they were doing wouldn't affect our rankings in the search engines. Our phones stopped ringing. That's when I went looking on Google to find who could help us, and Bellingham SEO came up in the first spot, so I figured they must be good at what they do! David met with me (I'm the office manager) and really listened to my concerns and what we wanted to do to get us back on top. He put together his plan for us and presented it in a way I could easily understand, and when we hired him, the results started to show very quickly! We moved to the second page within days, and then to the first page soon after - and then the phones rang again! I highly recommend Bellingham SEO and David! He truly cares about our business and what we are doing. Give him a call!

    Maegan Eugene Office Manager
  • I have been building websites for over 15 years and have worked with other digital marketing agencies in that time. I wasn't very happy with the results I was seeing with the other agencies, and I had a client who wanted to rank their site higher online. I filled out the Discovery Form on Bellingham SEO's site and got a call from the David the owner. We met and discussed the client and he agreed to call me with a proposal later that week. But what he did next really blew me away! He did some research on my own site that was buried in Google, wrote up an SEO plan for me and called me on the phone to let me know how he wanted to help me get more business - and he did it for free! (I don't know if he wants me to say that?! 🙂 I am very happy to say I'm #2 in the Google Maps, and #4 on the first page in the regular organic listings! David really knows what he's doing, and it's led to more clients for me, too! Check out Bellingham SEO. I'm glad I did.

    Tracey Beller Owner, Graphic Design Agency
  • David is a member of the Top 1% SEO's in the country! He is constantly up to date with search engine optimization best practices, and is a Google Partner. You can trust him to work very hard to get your website to bring in more business than you thought imaginable online. I highly recommend!

    Maria Shelley Owner - Armor LLC
  • Once in awhile, you come across someone who is both an expert and passionate about their trade. David is one of them. Not only is he passionate about SEO, he's passionate about his clients reaching the best placements in Google. You'd do very well to reach out to David for your business!

    Sergio Atunes Chief Marketing Officer at Tribo 51
  • If your business isn't seeing any real traffic from the web, Dave can help! He knows just what buttons to push to get you to the top of Google. I'd really recommend you giving him a shout as soon as you can so you can make more money for your business.

    Jamie Snodgrass
  • David is amazing at what he does. Many people claim that they have the ability to help your business, but he is among the few who can make that jump from theory to measurable improvements to any business' bottom line. If you're looking to grow your business then contact David.

    Jabir Mohamed Owner - Search Beast
  • Bellingham SEO stays informed on the latest in search engine optimization and how to get found in Google. If your website isn't ranking well, contact them today.

    Kevin Daniels, MBA

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