Hi, my name is David Simpson – owner of Bellingham SEO.  We have been dominating in Digital Marketing and Online Advertising in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing since 2007.  We have been able to rank #1 for ultra-competitive and lucrative search terms (or Money Phrases) and sustain these campaigns at the top of the result pages for many years.

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Chances are you’ve heard of SEO – search engine optimization – and that’s why you found us.  Your competition is cleaning your clock online.  You don’t have time to become an expert in search engine optimization because in the time you are learning what to do, your competition is already that much further ahead.

Companies hire full-time, in-house seo experts to manage their online marketing campaigns to the tune of many tens of thousands of dollars per year.  Companies pay Google alone over $40 BILLION a year to advertise in their network.  You have an SEO expert in Bellingham, WA who will help you at a fraction of the cost!

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I was born and raised in Whatcom County.  I also lived in Seattle and the Eastside for many years.  I have a passion for small and medium size businesses and want to help you take your revenues to the “I can’t believe I’m making this much money!” level and beyond as your Bellingham SEO expert.  I will never be satisfied until you are completely dominating your competitors and owning not just the top spot in the major search engines, but all the positions on page #1 for keyword phrases that will bring you a flood of new clientele day in and day out!  We are small enough to give you great attention and customer service, but have the extensive knowledge and ability to help you with a national or global campaign.

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Everyday your potential client is searching the internet for your products or services on their preferred search engine.  They have their credit card in hand and they’re ready to buy NOW!  If you aren’t ranking on the first page, you’ve lost a sale.  And even if you are on page #1, you are losing sales to the business in the first several listings.  At Bellingham SEO services, we absolutely, positively want to see you obliterate the competition!  It’s our reputation on the line and we are confident in our ability to get you in position to be seen, and thereby making more money.  We will work with you to discover the search terms people are typing in to the Google search bar right now with their credit card in hand, and to put you in front of them by ranking you highly.

We are an ethical small business, and we will not work for get-rich-quick schemes, or adult themed websites.  We will also not take on more than one client in most business categories – we can only make 1 Customer #1 in the Search Engines for 1 Keyword Phrase.  We will only work for one doctor, lawyer, construction company, etc. in their discipline (i.e. family practice, pediatrician, gastroenterologist, etc.) in their city to avoid any conflict of interest.

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I’m looking forward to the opportunity of being your premier expert of SEO services in Bellingham WA, Ferndale, Lynden, Blaine, all of Whatcom and Skagit Counties and beyond, and to see you at the top of the search engines and making more money!

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David Simpson

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David is a Certified Google Partner and practices search engine friendly, industry standard best practices to ensure your site isn’t jeopardized by shady tactics many marketers use today.  (Click here for Partner Page.)